Ayesha Kamran Hashmi

”“Well, you did just drop out of the clear blue sky on me.”Sharon laughed softly, and then tilted her head slightly as she looked straight at me... “Why do you think you’re in love with me?”I considered my answer carefully for a long moment. “Megan and I went to the same schools together from first grade up. I was three years older, so she was just a kid I knew. And then, one day, when I was a junior, we crossed paths in the school hallway, and everything changed in that moment.” I looked down at. She lucked out going into that costume shop. It must be new because she cannot remember seeing it there. In fact, she cannot ever remember seeing a building, empty or otherwise, in that lot. With a shrug, she tosses the costumes in the front seat. As she is about to go around to the other side, she spots someone she hasn’t seen in a long time.“Hunter!” she calls out, waving her hand high in the air. “Hunter, is that you?”Hunter stops as he exits the store with a bag in his hand and looks her. She quickly turned and headed towards the kitchen yelling back over her shoulder that dinner was almost ready and to have a seat at the table. Almost all the way through our meal she was quiet. I finally asked, So what did you want to talk to me about. She shot me quick glance then looked away just as fast and said just wait I tried my best to lighten the tension by talking, laughing, telling jokes and even tried to start a food fight. I could see she was relaxing just a little and after dinner. “A milestone, Dad. First time I’ve been a sheila. Now I know I’m growing up.”“Watch yer self, Jim,” I said.“I’d rather watch Abby.”“Two compliments. I swoon.” She placed one fluttering hand over her heart and flung the other to her forehead. “I do believe I’ll need to sit. Is there a handsome gentleman who will assist me.” That was said in a die away tone.“She’s good, David,” Jim said.“You have unleashed talents I never knew,” I replied. “Straighten up Abby ... as my dad used to say ... and fly.

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