Nri Black Woman Sex With White Guy – Interracial

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Matt went to his office and sat there all day doing the exact same things. His best friend called and ask him to join him for few drinks at their fav...rite place downtown. Matt had the need for a drink after last night, therefore he joined Antony for drinks. They had many drinks and Mat confessed Antony every detail regarding last night. Antony understood his friend's desire and lust and suggested to find someone to fuck his wife while he was peeping from the next room. Matt said - Come on. "If you're here for the Erotic authors group, they're sat in the lounge round the back." He thanked her and plucked up the courage to walk round and see. There at the back, was a small and cosy lounge which looked quite busy, he walked straight in and looked for a suitable group of males to introduce himself to.There were none. He hovered for a moment when an attractive middle aged woman stood up and asked if he was there for the meet? He replied in the affirmative and the woman smiled. “You like to taste your own juice. Huh?” It was more of a statement than a question. She just nodded and continued to suck my fingers.My cock was inches away from her nose. She must have smelled it. But she did not reach out. She must be waiting for my word.“You have been such a good girl. Good girls are rewarded. Now, suck my cock.” I pushed my cock in her mouth. She opened her mouth and let my cock invade her mouth.“Give your best. And you will get your reward.” I said hoarsely because she. I added that the day nurse would be there soon, and that I'd be back just as soon as I'd run the errands. "You'll be fine," I said, leaning over and kissing her on the forehead. From the bed, she looked up into my face, and smiled weakly. "Go ahead," she replied. "Besides, you need to get out of the house more often. You're always here looking after me. So, go! I mean it. Do your errands, and take some time for yourself, too. Your such a good husband. Thoughtful. Caring. Loving. But you need.

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