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D.J. admitted to sleeping with Brenda a couple of times when I was traveling for work. That didn’t really bother me, except for the fact that he sai... when he brought up the idea of joining us for a threeway, she wasn’t interested.There was a rumor going around that she was screwing Mario, a good looking 22-year-old landscaper, that has turned heads on our block plenty of times while working in the neighborhood on hot days without a shirt. The young man that earned money mowing lawns as a. I suggested that we should offer her a massage I know she loves them he thought that was a great idea I told him just follow my lead and lets see what happens. When we got home Friday I could tell she was in the mood for something she was the one that started the flirting with Mark she even said she made a special dinner for us steak and baked potatoes, after dinner we went out for ice cream I had her sit between us in the car a few times as they were talking she would keep touching Marks arm. She came to me. Her hands on my hips. We danced. We kissed. She grinned at me. She came into me, We wrapped our arms around each other. Her breasts were warm on my chest. More people had gathered around us. Many people. They watched and photographed.I moved away, my hands above me. She hooked her fingers in my jocks. We moved to the rhythm. Slowly, she slipped my jocks down. There were cheers. People hooted and clapped, they took pictures. My jocks fell to my ankles. I kicked them off. Some one. ” Kim said as she pulled me into her and gave me a long, passionate kiss.“I..I didn’t hurt you? I thought I got, you know, a little carried away.” I said relieved.Kim chuckled and said.“I’m not made of glass! You were great!”I let out a sigh of relief and pulled her in for a hug, feeling her firm breasts crush against me. “Shower?” Kim offered“Oh, Yeah” I said grinningWe look a long hot shower, where we had sex again and I enjoyed soaping her ripe body. I made sure that her breasts got very.

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