Wow Awesome Bday Gift I Have Done The Same...

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"Where do you live?" asked Ellie, "because I haven't got transport." Oh, Lord! A mile north of the village on the Douthwaite road." No probs! I might ...e a bit short of breath when I arrive but that's no problem. When do you want me?" Wednesdays?" Fine." Do you have any references?" No but Mrs Braithwaite knows me. I'm doing for her on Tuesdays." Oh well, if Geraldine's taking you on I've no problems. Could you start tomorrow?" Yes. Nine?" Perfect. See you then."Ellie was thrilled: two jobs in. I kissed her and we ware was totally alone but still had a fear some one may come, she saw in my eyes with great hunger of sex and whispered in my ear ” Lets go in ” i said ok we both went inside, without waisting any time we both stated kissing each other my both the palms ware wide open and squeezing her boobs and i was kissing her and her both the lips ware in my mouth ans i was sucking her her tung deeply, her one hand was on my head holding my heirs tightly due to pleasure and one hand was. He had extremely large well-rounded pecks, nice firm large biceps and a killer tan. As he walked over to me he made the comment ,“today is your lucky day sexy; it’s my day off and I am headed to the lake to do some fishing, relax, and take in some sun“. He stared at me and then said “wow, looks like we think alike. If you don’t mind me saying you wear that bikini nicely! This statement of course made me blush. You should know, I am not the kind of girl that blushes so easily. He proceeded to. She stopped and leaned over to whisper in my ear, “Make me your little slut tonight.” She licked behind my ear and nibbled my earlobe below my earrings. We didn’t even make it to the bedroom. As soon as we got into my door, our lips locked again. Boots still on and everything. I grabbed her ass and lifted her all the way to my face, and kissed her pussy lips. Then I slipped off my boots and carried her to my room with her still wrapped around my waist, lips locked and tits out. I threw her on.

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