Once In A Year

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He pushed my head down and then rubbed his big dick between my pussy lips. This caused me to shudder my way through another good cum. And then he pus...ed his thick cockhead right up to my pussy holeThat’s when the door to the washroom opened“ Charity? Are you in here?”It was Chet, I froze up and put my hand on William to stop“ Mrs. Parsons said the woman’s washroom was out of order and that you had popped in here and that you weren’t feeling well”I panicked, here I was bent over in a toilet. “I’m Leanne, and can’t thank you enough, what’s yours?”The conversation quickly led to Leanne sitting beside me in my car as we headed towards her home, I had agreed to run her home where she would hopefully find her missing purse. My day off had become a little adventure, and breakfast would have to wait as I played my part as a hero.The journey lasted less than 10 minutes, as Leanne spoke non stop, telling me about her hopes and dreams after her 3 years of collage. She had an infectious. Como yo iba manejando, no pude hacer gran cosa pero cuando nos estacionamos, todo se fue poniendo más y más caliente… Yo seguí agarrándole la verga y él me contaba que era muy activo sexualmente, que había hecho tríos y casi de todo. Sentí como, con mis caricias, su verga se hacía cada vez más grande y le pregunté si le gustaba, él me respondió que sí, entonces que le pedí que se bajara el cierre… Ni tardo ni perezoso, él lo hizo y yo metí mi mano en busca de su pedazo de carne…, ¡aaahhh, qué. "I guess I was yelling pretty loud, and the teacher came out," Megan said.Lilly snorted, nodded and said, "Yeah, she was yelling pretty loud. I think there was a component of air talent in the yelling,"Megan shrugged and blushed, saying, "Maybe a little." Mrs. Hastings was mad," Lilly continued. "She's the girls PE teacher." She used to be a Drill Instructor in the Army," Megan said in disgust. "Instead of punishing just the bitch, ah, sorry, just the girls that were picking on the Mormon.

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