Mumbai Couple In Public Park Having Sex

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You were daydreaming and then, now that I think about it, staring at my chest.”I blushed. I must have been redder than a tomato. She was taunting me...or just trying to get me to admit what I was doing. “I… I’m sorry Ms. D.”“I should hope so.” She set down her stuff and walked over to my desk. And, oh my God, she leaned over my desk again. My eyes were glued to her boobs. I mean, I could just about see her nipples. They were only obscured by the shadow of her bra cups. I think I gasped.“I would. I want to fill you full of cum and then suck it out as I tongue fuck those holes.Now use your hands to make us feel good." It did not take long before both of us were moaning and cum was squirting. He then told me "Lick my cock. Clean the cum from it." I did just that and cleaned the mess off his big boner. Then he spread my legs and licked my pussy and then put his tongue in my cunt and cleaned it for me. It was a great feeling but I kept cumming and he could not keep my fuck hole clean. Then. At a guess I'd say they're protecting us from something? Twelve fighters, all either cruiser, heavy cruiser, or darts. There are also two heavy transports outside of the ring ... are the fighters protecting us from the transports? But why we would need so many ... and what threat the transports could be to us ... I'm confused." Aimee admitted. The pivot pilot chuckled, and Aimee clenched her fists."Shut your face Pilot Riteon." Hunter's bark silenced the room, and Aimee turned her attention. GOD – if it had been anybody ELSE receiving this treatment from such a GORGEOUS girl, I could have appreciated her pointed ‘patent’s being used to such effect!“YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT …” she fell, knee first, onto my exposed throat; rendering me completely helpless … I would have been EXTREMELY turned-on if it had been ANYONE else (but me) she was dominating SO effectively! It was wasted - I wasn’t even aware of the sensuousness of her stocking-clad knee against my oesophagus!I was close to.

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