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I text back - Costa - In the Square - 15 minutes - Get them In xxxxxWe walked slowly over to Costa and saw Kelly sitting outside in the sun with 3 cof...ees on the table, She looked gorgeous as ever wearing a black mini skirt, d a white shirt tied under her boobs and obviously no bra as her nippples were clearly visible and her boobs very much on display as most of the buttons were undone. On her feet she had 5" red slutty heels and I knew she would be pantiless too. We kissed each other and sat. “Josh said you’d taught him a few things and I was hoping you might do the same for me. I knew he must’ve made it up!” the lad said looking at his shoes. Taking a half step back, I took in the lad before me. About five-feet-eleven-inches, athletic build, dark curly hair and milk chocolate skin. He was an attractive lad. “What did Josh tell you?” I asked. “I’m so sorry, I got really drunk and it just came out. I know you said it was to stay between us, but I couldn’t help it. Only Jackson. She gasped, but said nothing. “Sorry” I told her that I had slipped off the bed. Now I was half laying on the bed, rubbing Julie”s ankles, then moving up, kissing all the time. “Timmy, that feels so good, but I'm not so sure you should be doing that”. I asked “Why not”? Julie did not answer as I moved up her leg and kissed her outer thigh- then onto her inner thigh. Then she moved on her back and I could see a wet spot on her panties. She parted her legs slightly as I massaged and kissed. ‘I want all of our patrol units, and the duty detectives, if they’re available, to report to headquarters in fifteen minutes,’ he told the dispatcher. ‘Just tell them to report to the station, I want nothing else on the air.’ ‘Alex,’ Sergeant Baker said, ‘you mind if I tag along?’ ‘No problem,’ Alex said. The deputies on duty reported to the station, looking confused about why all of them had been called in for a meeting with the Sheriff. ‘OK,’ Alex told them, ‘we’re going to make a felony.

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