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Perhaps then Medere would recognize that her best hope would be toconsent to become my wife. Of course, that would be only for officialpurposes and to...reduce unrest in the population. In reality she wouldstill be my slave.We had originally intended to simply take over the state but, seeingthe beauty of all the Genorian women, another idea had come to mind.Such beautiful women would be in high demand as slaves in the Greekcity states and Mesopotamia and elsewhere. We had come up with theidea of. I was stroking myself to one of my favorite compilation videos before a knock came at the door. It was a neighbor and friend of Stefan's who lived down the hall named Jake. Jake was asking me if Stefan was around and my horny brain tuned out much of what he said, as I surveyed his hot body. At that moment, I had the ingenious idea to fake a bake spasm; "Oh, my fucking back again", I moaned, and almost instantly earned Jake's deep concern. It wasn't as if we hadn't checked each other out. " Why not take our time, and make it another camping trip?" Mark said. "If you want to camp in the winter, then this ought to be a pretty good night for it." Sounds good," Mike said. "I'll see if Kirsten has any plans for me. I'll get back with you."Kirsten was in the kitchen, feeding Susan. Susan was eating a lot of solid food, now, and had pretty well given up the jug. "Don't tell me," she said. "Let me guess. That was Mark. He wants to go out with the dogs." Yeah," Mike said. "We were. ”“Good. I do not think you can safely approach our valley to get the captive, but I accept you have to try. If you are caught doing this I will see to it you are brought back here. But only twice will I give you safe return. Is that acceptable?”“Yes. We have an agreement. I don’t think I will need to accept your offer of safe return, but I’m glad it’s there if I make a mistake. I have more of my people with horses and wagons to take the captives away, once they’re brought here. Your people can.

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